window tint films


Infusion Lite Series is produced at the same method of producing as the Infusion Series, which the window films are made using Polyester (PET) film infused with heat rejection organic material during the extrusion process. Its cost is cheaper in comparison to the usual Infusion Series due to relatively lower cost of the organic heat rejection material used. The films made using of these materials are more durable than usual films and exhibits natural heat rejection from the material itself. The Infusion Lite Series is produced using has the highest standard in clarity and are installers friendly with superb heat shrinkage.


Environmental Friendly

Natural Appearance

UV Protection

Long Lasting performance

Long Lasting performance

Constructed with Organic Economy Infusion PET Film to achieve an affordable price for the market. By using the below structure to construct Infusion Lite window films, the market could look for a lower cost yet satisfying result of window film. It’s also built for easy installation on any window, meanwhile maintaining high optical clarity and heat rejection.